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Explore Seattle Episode One

Explore Seattle Episode One

June 9, 2009

Episode One; June 8, 2009. Duration: 11:57 min

Join us as we explore the Underground, the Burke-Gilman trail and Bruce Lee's legacy.

Bill Spiedel's Underground tour is a chance to explore what life was like in Seattle before the turn of the century. Guides walk you through the mysterious tunnels beneath the streets while leading you through an oral history of early Seattle. The tour starts at 608 First Ave, between Yesler and Cherry Streets, in Pioneer Square.

  • For reservations or more information, call them at (206) 686-4646 or visit the website at
  • For a map of the area, click here

Sunshine, breeze, smell of flowers in the air: the lovely spring season in Seattle is coming. It's the greatest time of year for biking! Lake Washington Boulevard and Burke-Gilman are two of the most popular bike trails for cyclists in Seattle. Follow our show and see how great this activity is!

  • For more information, please call (206) 684-7583 or visit the website at //
  • For a map of the area, click here

Seattle is also the birthplace of many famous Americans, including the world's most famous martial artist, the late Bruce Lee. He lived in the International District and even attended college in Seattle before becoming a world-renowned action hero. In this episode we talk about places he lived, studied and worked throughout the Emerald City.

  • For a map of the area, click here

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All images by Explore Seattle, except the image of Bruce Lee from Seattle's Famous Four

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